The Bazaar Halls in Oslo


The Bazaar Haals next to Oslo Cathedral, also called Kirkeristen, was constructed in 1840-1859 in unplastered bricks, originally as a marketplace for butchers. In 1854 the city fireguard was listed on the site. In the early 1900s the city municipality wanted to demolish Basarhallene in favor of a new building. This triggered one of the first conservation debates in town. The demolition case was put on hold for several years, but in 1960 municipality started the restoration work of the old buildings, which had been neglected for years. Today the Bazaars houses artists and craftspeople, restaurants, cafés and small shops, including Esaias Solberg, one of Oslo’s oldest antique dealers, established in 1849. Have lunch at Baltazar Ristorante, or just a cup of coffee in a quiet atmosphere.


Watch the Bazaar-video here